Effortless automation for top messaging platforms at your fingertips.

Subscribe, configure and let us handle the rest. A no code solution.

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Why go with us?

Vision behind this product has been to give you the experience of a hassle free messaging platform automation. Just configure, sit back and let us take care of everthing else. Currently integrated with Telegram and a lot more to come.

Super easy to get started

Subscribe, configure by providing just the required details for your automation to function, and enjoy the show.

Focus on your business

No need to dive into the technicalities of gettting a bot ready, or the long discussions with the developers, or those deployment headaches, or even the maintenance of the bots post deployment.

Stay updated

Keep track of almost everything that has been going on with your bot under activity center and take actions accordingly.

Super affordable

Get started with an extremely basic plan which by the way beats almost every other pricing plan you can think of to get your bot ready in.

Launch a bot in seconds and enjoy the show.

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Subscribe the bots as per your requirements.

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Provide just the required details.

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Enable your bot to get it up and running.

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Enjoy the show

You are done. Let us take care of everything else. Sit back and relax.

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